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Does Car Insurance Cover Damage From Flooding?

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April 27, 2022

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Floods are widespread natural disasters in the United States and can cause significant damage to anything in their paths, including your vehicles. Even if you don’t think it will happen to you, there is always the possibility. That’s why ensuring your car is protected as much as possible is important. But does car insurance cover damage from flooding? Let’s review.

Types of Car Insurance

A common question we hear often is, “does car insurance cover flood damage?” This question will ultimately depend on the type of car insurance you have. For example, a standard auto insurance policy won’t provide coverage for flood damage, but you can opt for a comprehensive insurance policy instead.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Coverage

Your vehicle will be covered against flood damage if you have comprehensive car insurance. While many mistake a standard auto insurance policy for providing coverage, that’s just not the case. Standard auto insurance offers coverage for car owners if they cause an accident, damage another car/property, or injure another person.

On the other hand, comprehensive car insurance covers damage to your vehicles typically caused by events out of your control, such as catastrophic events or natural disasters like flooding.

When Should You Buy Comprehensive Coverage?

Comprehensive coverage is more expensive than a standard auto insurance policy, but it can be beneficial to have it anyway for extra protection. Instances that could provide enough reason to purchase a comprehensive policy can include if:

  • Your car is damaged, you don’t have enough coverage, and you’re left making loan payments without a vehicle.
  • You have a lease.
  • The cost of care and repair is expensive.
  • You’re in an area that faces a high risk of flooding.

Learn More About Car Insurance Today

To determine if comprehensive auto insurance is right for you, contact Magnolia Insurance Agency today. We’ll help you go over all of your coverage options so you can make an informed decision on your coverage and prepare for the next flood.

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