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What is Not Covered Under Car Insurance?

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April 28, 2022

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Car insurance doesn’t cover everything. Some events are completely uncovered by the typical auto insurance policy. To find out what is not covered under car insurance, continue reading. 

What Is Car Insurance?

Car insurance protects the policyholder from adverse driving events that lead to bodily injuries or property damage. Some forms of coverage only protect you if you are at fault, while others protect you and your property regardless of who is at fault. For example, liability auto insurance provides you with a set amount of coverage for bodily injuries and property damage that occurred due to your actions. 

What Isn’t Covered By Car Insurance?

Car insurance never covers intentional damage, general maintenance, or damage caused by normal use of the vehicle. If you have the minimum level of coverage, your insurance also won’t pay for injuries or vehicle damage experienced by the policyholder. Although, other forms of car insurance can cover these events. 

Your car insurance also won’t cover damage that exceeds the limits of your policy, nor will it cover the loss of personal belongings that were stolen from your car. 

Things That Car Insurance Sometimes Covers

Typical car insurance won’t cover various things, but you can often purchase other forms of insurance to get the protection you need. For example, your insurance won’t cover your car loan or lease if your car is totaled. If your vehicle is worth less than the amount you owe on it, the insurance company will only pay the vehicle’s replacement cost. That’s why products like gap insurance exist. Gap insurance will pay the difference between what you owe and the actual replacement value of the car. 

Car insurance also won’t typically cover custom parts and equipment. If you’ve made customized additions to your vehicle, the additions won’t be protected by the typical car insurance policy. Although, some insurance companies offer add-on coverage designed to provide additional protection for custom parts and equipment. 

If you drive your car for rideshare services or delivery, your personal insurance policy probably won’t cover you if you’re involved in an accident while on the job. To get coverage for ridesharing and delivery, you usually need to purchase rideshare or commercial insurance for extra protection. 

Find Car Insurance That Works For You

Finding the right car insurance can take time and patience. This is especially true if you are looking for the best premium rates. Magnolia Insurance Agency can help you find affordable coverage today. Just give us a call at 770-213-5171 to get a free quote or fill out our inquiry form online.

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