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The Top Small Businesses That Need Surety Bonds

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March 29, 2023

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In business, there are no guarantees, but one form of insurance can get you a higher probability of success when working with other companies. It’s called a surety bond. Businesses that operate in certain industries or offer specific services often require surety bonds. Below are some of the top small businesses that need surety bonds.

The Surety Bond Contract

 Surety bonds are a type of contract between three parties:

  • The principal – the person or business that needs the bond
  • The obligee – the party that requires the bond
  • The surety – the entity that provides the bond

The surety bond acts as a guarantee that the principal will fulfill their obligations to the obligee, and if they fail to do so, the surety will step in and cover the costs.

Top Small Businesses That Need Surety Bonds

  1. Contractors and Construction Companies – Contractors and construction companies often need surety bonds to ensure they will complete their work as promised and pay their subcontractors and suppliers. There are several types of surety bonds that contractors may require. The types of bonds include bid bonds, performance bonds, payment bonds, and maintenance bonds.
  2. Auto Dealerships – Auto dealerships need surety bonds to comply with state regulations and protect their customers. Most states require auto dealerships to have a motor vehicle dealer bond. This bond guarantees that the dealership will comply with state laws and regulations related to the sale and financing of vehicles.
  3. Freight Brokers and Transportation Companies – Freight brokers and transportation companies need surety bonds to obtain operating authority from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The bond ensures that the broker or carrier will pay the motor carriers and shippers they work with and comply with FMCSA regulations.
  4. Health Clubs and Fitness Centers – Health clubs and fitness centers may need surety bonds to comply with state regulations and protect their members. Some states require health clubs and fitness centers to have a bond. The bond guarantees they will honor their contracts with members and follow state regulations related to refunds and membership cancellations.
  5. Notaries Public – Notaries public may need surety bonds to protect the public against errors or fraud committed by the notary. The bond ensures that the notary will fulfill their duties according to state regulations and pay damages if they make a mistake.
  6. Home Health Care Agencies – Home health care agencies may need surety bonds to comply with state regulations and protect their clients. Some states require home health care agencies to have a bond that guarantees that they will provide the agreed-upon services and follow state regulations related to client care.
  7. Travel Agencies – Travel agencies may need surety bonds to protect their clients and comply with state regulations. Some states require travel agencies to have a bond. This particular bond guarantees they will provide the services promised to clients and follow state regulations related to refunds and cancellations.


In conclusion, surety bonds are essential for many small businesses to comply with regulations, protect customers, and fulfill their obligations. In addition to these examples, many other types of companies may need surety bonds depending on their specific circumstances. Magnolia Insurance Agency can offer advice whether you are an established or new business in one of these industries. 

There are no guarantees in business, but we can ensure that if you need one in the form of a surety bond, we can help. Contact us at 770-213-5171 or fill out the inquiry form online or email to see if your business may require a surety bond. 

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