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Comprehensive vs. Collision Auto Insurance: The Difference

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August 18, 2022

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Comprehensive and collision are distinct types of auto insurance coverage that are often confused with each other. Together, they offer you protection when your car is damaged, but the kind of damage they cover is different. In this article, we’ll explain how comprehensive vs. collision auto insurance differ and why it’s important to get both.


Comprehensive insurance helps cover the types of losses that are typically NOT the result of driving your vehicle, like hail, fallen trees, or theft. 

Collision insurance helps pay to repair your car if it gets damaged in a collision with another vehicle or object, like a fence.  

comprehensive vs. collision insurance

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive covers you for things other than a collision that might damage your car, including weather damage, theft, vandalism, hitting an animal, hitting a fallen tree, or a number of other unfortunate things.

Comprehensive is cheaper than collision insurance because there are fewer filed claims. Comprehensive coverage also includes protection against theft, vandalism, and damage due to weather, fire, and natural disasters.

Comprehensive insurance will cover the costs if something damages your car other than a collision. 

Comprehensive usually covers damages that result from:

  • Natural disasters
  • Accidents involving animals
  • Accidents involving other vehicles
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Fire

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage covers the damage done to your car in the event of a collision with another vehicle, a tree, a pole, or any other object — no matter who is at fault. 

Collision coverage usually covers the following:

  • Accidents involving other vehicles
  • Accidents involving animals
  • Hitting a fallen tree or another stationary object

As you might expect, collision insurance premiums are up to 3X higher than comprehensive premiums! Still, having the two types can work in your favor because each one covers what the other does not.

How Much Does Comprehensive and Collision Auto Insurance Cost?

The average consumer pays about $1,592 a year for their collision/car insurance, according to NerdWallet. However, this will vary depending on how much insurance you purchase and what your car is worth.

When deciding on the right auto coverage type, consider your car’s value, your current savings, how far and how often you drive, and your local area. 

Does the Law require both Types?

It depends. In most states, the law requires drivers to carry liability insurance. But collision and comprehensive are optional coverages if the person owns their vehicle outright. 

The auto loan company may require comprehensive insurance if you are financing the vehicle. 

Get the Best Rate on Comprehensive and Collision Auto Insurance

Getting the best rate on comprehensive and collision auto insurance can be tricky. There are many laws and regulations to navigate and different policies and providers to choose from. No matter your situation, Magnolia Insurance Agency will walk you through your options and get you the best rates available! Call our Georgia office at 770-213-5171 or contact us online to learn how comprehensive vs. collision auto insurance differ.

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