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Who Should I List on My Car Insurance Policy?

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June 30, 2022

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When you have car insurance, you may wonder who should I list on my car insurance policy? Sometimes, you will let another person temporarily borrow your car. This scenario doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it can be if that person wrecks your vehicle. When listing individuals on your insurance, you must be as transparent with your insurer as possible. Below are recommendations on who you need to list under the policy.

What Is the Best Approach?

Regardless of whether the person is related to you, disclosing who lives in your household is a good idea. If it’s determined that you intentionally withheld this information, you can be penalized.

No matter who it is — if they’re living with you, you need to include them. You should also include anyone uninsured driving your car under another policy.

What If Someone In My Household Has a Poor Driving Record?

Listing someone with a history of accidents and traffic violations will cause your rates to go up. But again, you have to inform your insurer that this person lives with you.

One option, however, is to list them as an excluded driver. This is a document they’ll need to sign that acknowledges that they are uninsured under your policy.

What If Someone Not Listed Needs to Borrow My Car?

Some car insurance policies automatically cover other drivers when driving your vehicle, known as “permissive use.” If the other driver has an accident, your car insurance will pay first, and their insurance will be secondary coverage.

Can I Let an Uninsured Driver Use My Vehicle?

Even if your policy has a permissive use clause, it’s still strongly encouraged that you contact your agent if you’re considering letting an uninsured driver borrow your vehicle. If that driver crashes, you may have to cover all damages.

I Have a Child With a Learner’s Permit. Should I List Them?

Policies differ when adding a child with a learner’s permit. Some require adding, while others only require listing teens who have gotten their driver’s license.

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