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Does Auto Insurance Cover Repairs?

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April 28, 2022

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Auto insurance protects drivers from adverse events that cause property damage or bodily injury. Your car insurance may cover the cost of repairs to your vehicle, but that depends on the cause of the damage and the type of policy you own. To learn whether auto insurance will cover repairs, continue reading. 

What Is Auto Insurance?

Auto insurance is a contract made between you and an insurance company. If you are involved in an accident, or other adverse events occur, the policy may help pay for any damages related to the incident. What is covered by auto insurance and what isn’t is determined by the type of coverage you purchase. 

Does Auto Insurance Cover Repairs? 

Auto insurance doesn’t cover routine maintenance or damage from wear and tear. Auto insurance will only pay for repairs if your vehicle is involved in an accident or another incident, such as a fire or theft. 

If My Car Breaks Down, Are Repairs Covered By Auto Insurance?

Maintenance is not typically covered in car insurance policies. Whether routine maintenance or a mechanical failure, you shouldn’t expect your car insurance to cover the costs of repairing or replacing your car. Instead, you must pay out of pocket for maintenance and repairs unrelated to a covered incident. 

What If An Accident Causes Damage To My Car?

If you have car damage because of an accident, you’ll need collision coverage to cover your repairs. This coverage will also help in a single-car accident, such as a rollover or collision with an object. In some cases, collision coverage will even pay for damage that results from hitting potholes. Whether your car sustained body damage or mechanical issues due to a collision, your coverage will help pay for any related repairs. 

Get Full Auto Insurance Coverage Now

Although auto insurance won’t cover repairs that aren’t related to a collision or other incident, you still should get coverage to protect yourself while driving. Magnolia Insurance Agency can help you find the insurance coverage you need quickly! To get started with a free quote on coverage in your area, give us a call at 770-213-5171 or fill out the online inquiry form.

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